Families Belong Together Quilt


Nikkei Progressives has created the Families Belong Together (FBT) Quilt project, which is a part of the Never Again Is Now Campaign. The Never Again Is Now Campaign, initiated in July 2018, began in response to the Trump Administration’s horrific “zero-tolerance” policy detaining and separating children from their parents.

The FTB Quilt is a creative, visual way to involve a wide variety of people and groups who are willing to design and produce or sponsor a canvas “square” to be a part of a quilt. The theme for the quilt is to express support for immigrant right, which can be expressed in many creative ways.

The other purpose of the FTB Quilt is to raise funds. The money raised will be used to support immigrants’ needs in multiple ways, such as to assist in transportation costs to reunite immigrant children with their families, and help with DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) renewal expenses. Funds can also be used to post bonds and for commissary funds for those incarcerated.